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Ariane Claverie

Avocat à la Cour

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My Biography:

Ariane Claverie began her career as a corporate lawyer before joining the Luxembourg bar in 1997.

She quickly specialised in labour law and has been Partner at CASTEGNARO since 2012, where she particularly deals with issues related to working hours, sickness, social security, data protection and secondment.

Ms Claverie participated in the establishment of the Luxembourg Labour Code. She is also speaker at numerous conferences on employment law topics and author of articles and manuals on employment law matters. 

Awards & Recognition:


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Chambers & Partners, 2019 edition:

  Ariane Claverie  is an established name in employment whose technical skills consistently impress. "She knows how to manage several interpretations of legal provisions," remarks one market source, concluding that this makes her "a very good technician."







The European Legal 500 EMEA, 2019 edition :

Employment law boutique Castegnaro, member of Ius Laboristen-strong offering has the strength in depth to provide an “excellent service” to domestic and multinational employers on employment issues associated with business reorganisations, collective bargaining, compensation and benefits, among other sensitive issues”. Me Castegnaro, Me Ariane Claverie, Co-Partner at the firm, and Me Christophe Domingos were all announced “Recommended lawyers” in employment law in Luxembourg.






WWL Labour 2019 - Rosette.jpg Who's Who Legal, 2019 edition:
Ariane Claverie was named as one of the six recommended experts by the " Who's Who Legal Labour, Employment & Benefits 2019 " for the whole of Luxembourg.



The European Legal 500 EMEA, 2018 edition:

Castegnaro, member of Ius Laboris regularly advises clients on the employment issues associated with business reorganisations including instances which involve redundancy processes as a result of the relocation of activities to another country. The ‘very knowledgeable’ Guy Castegnaro and Ariane Claverie are the principal contacts and Christophe Domingos is ‘excellent at implementing staff reduction plans’.

Chambers & Partners, 2018 edition:

Clients appreciate Ariane Claverie's impressive knowledge and her "quick, efficient" approach. She offers a broad employment practice, advising on terminations, working hours and social security among other matters. Claverie's increasing market profile and her activity in the labour law space have contributed to her promotion to Band 2 this year.”

The European Legal 500 EMEA, 2017 edition:

Jointly led by founding partner Guy Castegnaro and Ariane Claverie, boutique employment firm Castegnaro, member of Ius Laboris has a good pedigree in the market acting for employers across a range of matters, including on issues relating to transfers of undertakings and dismissal procedures. Castegnaro recently assisted a large IT company with implementing a voluntary leave programme.

Chambers & Partners, 2017 edition:

Ariane Claverie co-heads the practice and has extensive experience within the employment market. Her recent work includes advising on remuneration packages, collective bargaining agreements and disciplinary action. Noted by sources as "a proper technician," she is endorsed as a "very knowledgeable" advisor. One client reports: "We very much like to work with her. In our view she is really excellent." 

Curriculum Vitae:

Advanced Course of Law (Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg) - D.E.A. in European law (Université de Nancy, France, 1994) - Specialization in public, international and European law (1992-1993) - Master of Laws (Université de Bordeaux, France, 1992)

Avocat à la Cour admitted to practice before the High Court of Justice – Member of the Luxembourg Bar Association

Member of the Luxembourg Bar Association

Member of the board of E.L.S.A. (Employment Law Specialists Association, Luxembourg)

Member of the Social Affairs Committe of ABBL (The Luxembourg Bankers' Association)

Membre of the Female Board Pool Luxembourg

Published works:

Droit du travail luxembourgeois (Editions Paul Bauler, 2002) - Employment in Luxembourg, A practical guide to Luxembourg employment and social security law (Editions Mike Koedinger, 2010) - Contributions (article) on the latest employment law issues in AGEFI – Contributor to Doing Business, World Bank – Author of articles for International Law Office – Author of articles published in a database on Luxembourg employment law and case law, Lexnow– Luxembourg correspondant for Laisons Sociales Europe and Planetlabor.com.


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