CASTEGNARO - Ius Laboris Luxembourg makes a commitment to “ZERO Single-Use Plastic”

06 Nov 2018


Dorothée David

CASTEGNARO has decided to play an active part in the initiative led by the IMS Luxembourg association to combat pollution generated by single-use plastic.

In order to help reduce the use of disposable plastic made with hydrocarbons between now and 2020, CASTEGNARO has signed the “ZERO Single-Use Plastic” Manifesto drawn up by the IMS Luxembourg association. The Manifesto can be signed by any company that is a member of IMS Luxembourg and is keen to make a commitment to the fight against single-use plastic. The Manifesto contains the following 5 commitments:

  1. To implement all the actions needed to achieve the goal of withdrawing the products targeted by the “Zero Single-Use Plastic” manifesto within the signatory company by the end of 2020.
  2. To support sustainable alternatives and consider using multiple-use plastics in the organisation to apply the principles of the circular economy within the company.
  3. To appoint a Zero Single-Use Plastic ambassador as the key point of contact for this issue.
  4. To talk to different stakeholders about the measures taken in order to raise as much awareness as possible.
  5. To support IMS Luxembourg in this campaign and, if necessary, help it start a conversation with the suppliers involved in order to identify sustainable alternative solutions.

In more practical terms, the commitment not to use single-use plastics covers the following products: plastic cups, plates, cutlery, straws and stirring sticks that cannot be reused, food containers that cannot be reused, plastic bottles, plastic bags that cannot be reused, crisp and sweet packs and wrappers, balloon sticks and balloons, wipes containing plastic etc.

You can join the movement too, and help to reduce the use of disposable plastic made from hydrocarbons between now and 2020 by clicking here.