Vote on the Bill introducing one statutory day’s leave and one additional bank holiday

29 Mar 2019


Lorraine Chéry

Bill no. 7399 modifying: 1. articles L. 232-2 and L. 233-4 of the Labour Code, 2. article 28-1 of the modified law of 16 April 1979 establishing the general status of civil servants (hereinafter referred to as “the Bill”) was voted for by the Chamber of Deputies on 27 January 2019 (first constitutional vote).

A request for an exemption from the second vote was submitted by the Chamber of Deputies to the Council of State. Such an exemption is generally granted in practice, so the law should soon be announced and then published.

As a reminder, the Bill provides for the introduction of the following new provisions into the Labour Code, with effect from 1 January 2019 :

  • Increase in the minimum statutory paid leave allowance from 25 to 26 days per year
  • Europe Day, celebrated on 9 May, declared as a statutory bank holiday

A newsflash will be published as soon as the law is published in Mémorial A of the Journal Officiel.