Staff delegation meetings by videoconference

29 Jan 2021


Dorothée David

On 18 January 2021, the Minister of Labour responded to parliamentary question no. 3320 about meetings of staff delegation being held via videoconference, which has become increasingly common within the context of the current crisis.

The Minister’s response included the following clarifications:

  • Validity of video meetings: meetings of staff delegation can take place via videoconference: there are no provisions of the Labour Code that explicitly prohibit this. 
  • Communication channels and obligations of the employer: staff delegations are free to use the most appropriate technology for holding their meetings. In accordance with article L. 416-7 of the Labour Code, the employer is obliged to make the necessary IT equipment available to them. 
  • Respect for confidentiality: article L. 416-4 of the Labour Code, according to which “meetings of staff delegation are to be held behind closed doors” must be respected by the employer, even when meetings are by videoconference. Any intentional obstacle to the smooth running of the staff delegation or to its work can be reported to the Inspection du Travail et des Mines (Labour Inspectorate) and, if applicable, administrative sanctions may be imposed on an employer found to be at fault.