Statutory day’s leave and bank holiday

31 Jan 2019


Dorothée David

Submission of the Bill introducing one statutory day’s leave and one additional bank holiday

Bill no. 7399 modifying: 1. articles L. 232-2 and L. 233-4 of the Labour Code, 2. article 28-1 of the modified law of 16 April 1979 establishing the general status of civil servants (hereinafter referred to as “the Bill”) was submitted to the Chamber of Deputies on 29 January 2019.

The Bill includes the following new provisions:

  • the minimum amount of statutory paid leave would be increased from 25 days, as it is at the moment, to 26 days per year,
  • Europe Day, celebrated on 9 May, would become a statutory public holiday.

The account of the reasons for the Bill also includes the following clarifications:

  • The new provisions are specifically set to come into force on 1 January 2019 according to the Bill, “the goal being to make sure the new provisions are clearly applied in full by 2019”. 
  • The Bill is limited to increasing statutory paid leave and “cannot result in an automatic increase to more favourable statutory or contractual provisions applicable on the date on which it comes into force.”  
  • The new provisions will benefit employees governed by private law, employees governed by public law and civil servants equally. However, for civil servants and government employees and for the municipal sector, statutory and regulatory changes will be limited to the addition of Europe Day to the respective list of statutory bank holidays, as, when it comes to statutory paid leave, the provisions in force already provide longer periods than the new one established by the Labour Code.