Elections for staff delegation on 12 March 2019 | 6

08 Mar 2019

Next round : 12 March 2019

Dorothée David
  • Opening of polling stations

On the day of the elections, a main electoral office and, as the case may be, additional electoral offices must be set up in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, each comprising a president and two assessors. The head of the company or their delegate will act as the president of the main election office.

If an observer has been appointed to a polling station in accordance with Article 5 (6) of the Grand-Ducal Regulations of 11 September 2018 on electoral operations for the appointment of staff representatives, this observer shall not be a member of the electoral office.

  • Opening, running and closing of the polling station

Polling stations will be opened and closed at the times indicated on the displayed notice.

  • Counting of the votes 

The counting of votes must take place immediately after the polling station is closed. A counting form is available in the employer area of the website MyGuichet.lu. 

  • Compilation and communication of the results via the ITM Platform

The president and the assessors of the main office and, as the case may be, of the additional offices will draw up and sign forthwith a report on electoral operations and the results of the vote. The minutes recording counts is to be printed via the employer space on the MyGuichet electronic platform.

To communicate the voting results to the ITM, the president of the main office must, via the MyGuichet electronic platform:

A copy of the aforementioned minutes will be sent to any union that has submitted a list.