Coronavirus: update on health recommendations and clarifications about company canteens

21 May 2021


Dorothée David

The Health Directorate’s temporary health recommendations for the COVID-19 health crisis have been updated since the Law of 14 May 2021 came into force[1].

The version of the health recommendations for employers and employees applicable as of 16 May 2021 for each professional sector is available to view and download here (in French).

For the administrative sector in particular, the following clarifications have been made about company restaurants/canteens:

  • 4 people can sit at the same table, without any need for social distancing, as long as the same measures as those applicable to the HORECA sector are respected, including testing requirements.
  • if the employer decides to carry on running the company canteen in accordance with the health rules for canteens that have been in place since 26 November 2020, it should make sure that recreational areas, such as dining rooms, made available to its employees are laid out so that applicable health rules (and in particular the rules on social distancing) can still be respected.

With this in mind, the FEDIL released the following information for its members on 19 May 2021:

  • If the conditions on page 3 [of the health recommendations for the administrative sector] are fulfilled, there is no obligation to carry out Covid-19 tests for company restaurants/canteens, which can therefore carry on running in accordance with the rules that people have known about since the end of 2020. 



[1] Law of 14 May 2021 modifying: 1° the modified law of 17 July 2020 on the measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic; 2° the modified law of 19 December 2020 introducing a temporary contribution by the government to costs not covered by certain businesses, which came into force on 16 May 2021.