Coronavirus: clarifications about the mandatory 3G scheme in businesses from 15 January 2022

13 Jan 2022


Dorothée David

The Law of 11 January 2022 modifying the modified Law of 17 July 2020 on the measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic was published in Mémorial A no. 16 of 11 January 2022.

The following clarifications have been made, including in particular about the mandatory 3G scheme for businesses as of 15 January 2022:

  • The obligation to present one of the certificates required by article 3septies of the Law[1] at the workplace applies to all employees, including temporary employees. It also includes trainees, apprentices, school pupils and students employed during school holidays.
  • It specifies the option for the employer to decide that access to all or part of their company for external visitors is also subject to the obligation to present one of these certificates: in this case, “this scope is determined in accordance with the process outlined in article 1, point 27° [of the Law], and the obligation outlined in it to wear a mask and maintain a distance of two metres between individuals does not apply.
  • Employers who fail to comply with their obligation to check certificates as provided for in Article 3septies of the Law are subject to an administrative fine of EUR 4,000.

Furthermore, it is confirmed that:

  • vaccination certificates are valid for 270 days (9 months) from the date on which an individual is regarded as being fully vaccinated,
  • a certificate for the booster vaccination is valid indefinitely.

A press release was published by the Government on 11 January 2021 explaining the other main legal changes in force since 12 January 2022.

[1] The Law of 17 July 2020 introducing a series of measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic (...), a consolidated version of which is applicable as of 15 January 2022.