Coronavirus : certificate for French cross-border workers

02 Nov 2020


Dorothée David

As France went back into lockdown on 30 October 2020, travel is once again limited and travel certificates are now required.

To this end, an exemption certificate for professional travel (in French) provided by the French government can be downloaded here.

This document, filled in by the employer, is enough to justify an employee’s travel for work, whether for:

  • their usual commute between home and their place of work or travel between different places of work when required by the nature of their role;
  • business travel that cannot be postponed, at the employer’s request.

The employee therefore does not need an “Exemption Certificate During Lockdown” (Attestation de Déplacement Dérogatoire) in addition.

All of the employee’s places of work must be specified on the form, unless the nature of this work, which must be described in detail, means that they are not known in advance (for example: deliveries, call-outs etc.).

The validity period of this certificate is determined by the employer. It therefore does not need to be renewed every day. This validity period must take into account the working structure put in place by the employer (staff rotas for example) as well as leave and rest periods.

All the other documents (in French) needed by French cross-border workers can be downloaded here.