Status of British citizens in Luxembourg after Brexit

30 Jan 2019

Dorothée David

At its meeting on 18 January 2019, the Council of Government came to an agreement on the status of British citizens in Luxembourg in the event that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without a withdrawal agreement. 

On this point, the Council of Government refers to a Government Statement issued on 18 January 2019 entitled “The United Kingdom’s Withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit): Preparations on a national level”, containing detailed information about the two possible scenarios: the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on 29 March 2019 with a withdrawal agreement, and without a withdrawal agreement. 

According to the Government Statement, to answer questions about British nationals living in Luxembourg, as well as Luxembourg nationals living in the United Kingdom as far as their situation is concerned after 29 March 2019: 

  • an information pack is available online on the government’s website
  • a dedicated frequently asked questions (FAQ) section is available on the website. These FAQ will be updated and added to as soon as new information becomes available.

The Government Statement specifies that any action required of British citizens living in Luxembourg will also be published on the Government and website as the Brexit situation develops.