Coronavirus: Bill establishing the validity period for vaccination certificates

11 Jan 2022


Dorothée David


Bill no. 7943 on measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic was submitted to the Chamber of Deputies on 5 January 2021. In particular, it stipulates the following new provisions:

- vaccination certificates would be valid for 270 days (9 months) from the date on which an individual is regarded as being fully vaccinated, i.e. :

  • from the date on which the required doses have been given if multiple doses are required or,
  • after 14 days for single-dose vaccines, or
  • for anybody who has recovered and been vaccinated within 180 days of the first positive NAAT test result, after 14 days following the administration of a single dose of any vaccine.

- a certificate for the booster vaccination would be valid indefinitely.

With regard to the validity of a recovery certificate, the Law[1] currently in force stipulates that it comes into effect on the 11th day after the date of the first positive NAAT test result, and expires no later than 180 days (6 months) from that result.

These clarifications are important in terms of the option introduced on 17 December 2021 for employers to keep a list of employees who have been vaccinated or who have recovered in order to facilitate certificate checks in the workplace, which will become mandatory as of 15 January 2022. In fact, according to the Law, this list can only contain the name of any individuals willing to provide this information as well as the period of validity of the certificate confirming vaccination or recovery (see our Newsflash of 17 December 2021).


[1] Law of 17 July 2020 introducing a series of measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and modifying: 1. the modified law of 25 November 1975 on issuing medication to members of the public; 2. the modified law of 11 April 1983 on the regulations regarding the release and advertising of drugs, the version currently in force having been consolidated on 25 December 2021.